Diving Instructor course SSI with Family Divers

If you are reading these lines it is probably because you are considering making a significant change in your life and turning your passion for diving into your profession.

We understand you perfectly, we’ve been there too. And believe us, it’s the best decision you can make.

At Family Divers we have created a professional training program and one of its latest steps is the SSI dive instructor course with Family Divers in the Maldives!

Buceo en Maldivas

We offer a more personalized training since we only work with small groups of candidates, no more than 4 or 5 per course, which allows the instructor to dedicate important time each individual candidate, giving an better and more effective teaching approach.

We trust in the training model and philosophy of SSI (Scuba Schools International), one of the leading certifying agencies with more than 50 years of experience. In many aspects, it is the driving force behind the sector in terms of digital innovation, in its particular approach and meaning to training and certifying competent divers, and constantly renewing and updating itself, always trying to provide quality experiences for both divers and professionals.

One of its key leading points is that it is much more affordable than other direct competitors, offering greater added value as a result.

SSI also continues to grow every year and has its strongest markets in Asia and Europe, especially in Spain and Germany. The options for finding work are enormous. The limit is up to you.

Curso de Instructor en Maldivas

We, at Family Divers, give you the opportunity to train with all the professional rigor that this type of course entails, but also in a unique, mesmerizing environment.

The Maldives are well known for their waters and the life they host.

What better place to get your dive instructor certification and combine it with the experience of diving with us in this little paradise.

The course consists of 12 days of intensive training plus two days of evaluation. Our price includes evaluation fees as well as all the necessary materials for the course.

The day-to-day during the course is varied and we have academic sessions to cover in the classroom as well as a large number of sessions in the water.

In addition to the certification level and experience requirements you must have to sign up for the SSI Dive Instructor course, and come prepared, meaning you will have to have read all the dive theory material beforehand. This includes the topics you were studying in your Divemaster course, from the Physics of Diving to Physiology, and including knowledge of the Diving Equipment, for example.


During the course we will focus on the manual that we will assign you once you have made your reservation. We will cover all the business philosophy of SSI as well as the Educational System that will make you see how different we are from other dive agencies, and why we are becoming more and more popular.

We will cover administrative parts and other more practical ones such as academic presentations on various topics from the course manuals that you will be qualified to teach once you become a dive instructor.

The theory will also cover everything related to the practices we will be doing in the water, both in the confined water environment and in open water.

How to conduct a briefing for the water exercise session and everything related to the organization and safety of your group of students while you teach.

The last day of the course will be left free to review what is needed, to do any makeup work if you have failed in any of the training sessions or academic presentations, and if possible, we will do a simulated exam to gain confidence for the following two days that you will have to face in the Instructor Evaluation.

Curso Pro SSI Maldivas

And now it’s time for the crucial moment of these almost two weeks: the Instructor Evaluation. Two days where an SSI certifier will be responsible for guiding the evaluation process and ultimately certifying you as SSI Dive Instructors.

The SSI Dive Instructor course with Family Divers is a demanding and challenging course, but the reward is beyond worth it.

Once certified, you become part of a great family of professionals, and the aquatic world opens up to you. Soon, like us, you’ll be able to call the sea your office and enjoy this job by transmitting your passion to other divers and enjoying every minute of it. Blessed be the day we took the plunge and became Dive Instructors!!

What are you waiting for? Contact us and sign up for the next SSI Instructor course in the Maldives.

See you soon,

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