Do you love Scuba Diving? Would you like to go one step further in your diving career and become a scuba diving professional? Well, what a better place than the Maldives to do scuba diving, right?

At Family Divers Maldives we offer scuba diving professional courses at a great price for every level, from Dive Guide to Open Water Instructor with Scuba Schools International, one of the leading diving certification agencies in the world.

We are happy divers and passionate about our job. Why don’t you join our big scuba diving family in Rasdhoo, located in the heart of the Maldives?

You just need to love scuba diving, want to become a role model and pass on your passion to others. There is nothing like leaving a big smile on other diver’s faces after a fantastic fun dive or scuba diving course. There is nothing like sharing experiences, making new friends and waking up every morning with a smile because that day you’re going scuba diving…and in the Maldives!

For the Family Divers Professional Program the first step is to fulfill a few requirements:

In order to sign in for the first professional level you will need to take one month off to come to Rasdhoo, be at least a Rescue Diver (no matter with which scuba diving agency), have around 50 dives and own scuba diving equipment (or most of it).

In addition you will have to prove experience in Deep Diving, Navigation and Night & Limited Visibility.

If you are not yet certified as a Rescue Diver we can always add it to your Professional Scuba Diver package. The same applies with the rest of the experience in scuba diving mentioned above: we can always cover that scuba diving training once you are here in the Maldives.

This first step in your career as a professional scuba diver is called Divemaster and with Scuba Schools International (SSI) the course consists of two sections: one theory program called Science of Diving and a more practical program, called Dive Guide.

One of the most important things when scuba diving is the knowledge of what you are doing. When becoming a scuba diving professional that knowledge should go to the next level. As a dive guide your divers might have some questions for you to answer, whether those are related to the physics of scuba diving, equipment techniques,about the environment you are diving in, etc.

The program Science of Diving will give you that level of knowledge and nowadays we have the advantage of conducting the course online so when you come to the Maldives we can just focus on scuba diving professional in-water training.

The other part of the course will consist of the program called Dive Guide. In combination with Science of Diving plus a few requirements that we will mention further below, you will acquire the Divemaster rating level. A true first step in your scuba diving professional career.

The Dive Guide program has a theoretical part that you will cover together with your instructor during the program here in Rasdhoo. In this part we will be covering concepts about what a divemaster does when guiding scuba diving groups, and when playing the role of a certified assistant. How to control a group, what are the safety procedures, how to plan a dive properly taking in consideration the water conditions, your group of scuba divers, etc.

Our training will cover from briefing a dive to guiding it. We will also conduct several in-water workshops where you will train your rescue skills, your navigations skills and we will even practice the open water skills in demonstration level, among other practices.

We also want you to become an excellent certified assistant who can be the best help for a scuba diving instructor whilst conducting scuba diving courses. From Try Diving to Open Water Diver courses and even any continuing education program we might have during your stay, we will make sure you are trained properly to be the best support for the students and the scuba diving instructor.

We will have lots of fun during the process of making a good, reliable and safe scuba diving professional of you. It is not only about meeting requirements and following guidelines but doing it in a nice, friendly and fun atmosphere. And at Family Divers Maldives we really know how to do the job.

At the end of your divemaster course in the Maldives we will make sure you reach the requirements needed to be recognized by Scuba Schools International as a Divemaster. This comes after logging 60 dives in total, having the Science of Diving certification and being a Professional Dive Guide with an active status.

And this is not the end of your journey. Do you want to be trained even further to be able to assist in a better way conducting some scuba diving training courses? Ask us for the Assistant Instructor program which is half way to becoming a scuba diving instructor.

Or, would you prefer to become an Open Water Instructor straight away? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change your office for the ocean? Contact us for our next Instructor Training Course availability.

The package of this scuba diving professional program in the Maldives will be at the best price with Family Divers Maldives. Apart from the scuba diving courses it will include your accommodation with breakfast and the internal transfer from and to the airport. 

Not included in the package are equipment rental (we highly recommend you bring your own) and the rest of the meals.

The best you can do is send us an email to get all the information. This is a great opportunity for you to become a professional scuba diver in the Maldives, trained in the best way possible and in one of the best locations for scuba diving in the world.


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